Cruisers Sports hosts a variety of athletic, fundraising and social events throughout the year. These events are intended to further the Cruisers mandate of community awareness and brand recognition, while also providing the club with an opportunity to give back to the communities that is services.

Please browse the links below for more information on any of our tournaments, fundraisers, or other social events. Be sure to visit our Fundraising page to learn more about being a sponsor!

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Cruisers Blazing Hoops Wheelchair Basketball Tournament

Held annually in February, The Cruisers Blazing Hoops Wheelchair Basketball Tournament is a two day event. The tournament is held in Brampton, Ontario. The first day is dedicated to Ontario's Division 3 teams while the second day is dedicated to Ontario's Division 2 teams.

Blazing Hoops

Cruisers Classic Para Athletics Meets

Held annually in May and June, The Cruisers Classics are track and field meets. The meets are held in Brampton, Ontario. These meets are usually integrated, meaning they have events open to both able-bodied & para athletes.

Cruisers Classic

Beacham Summer Fun Day

Held annually in the summer, The Beacham Summer Fun Day is an event for our Multi-sports program participants to enjoy swimming, low-org games, have a pizza dinner, and enjoy a fun afternoon! The event is held in Brampton, Ontario.

Beacham Summer Fun Day

Cruisers Cup

Held annually the first full weekend after Hallowe'en in Brampton, the Cruisers Cup is one of the largest para ice hockey tournaments in Ontario, and attracts teams from all over Canada, the United States, Russia, and Europe, and has grown from an original 20 teams to over 40.

Cruisers Cup


Cruisers Sports Annual Golf Tournament

Held annually on the second Friday in September, The golf tournament is our club's biggest fundraiser. The tournament is held in Caledon, Ontario, at the Caledon Country Club. 2019 will be the 20th annual event.

Golf Tournament

Four Aces Poker Tournament

Currently on hiatus

Four Aces

Club & Social Events

Cruisers Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Held annually in February, the AGM provides members with information of the state of the club, and allows members to directly address the Board with Any questions. Annual elections for half the Board are also held.


Cruisers Sports Awards Gala

The Cruisers Sports Awards Gala is an annual event held the Saturday after the Victoria Day Weekend in May. This is an opportunity for all club members, family and friends to come together for a celebratory evening. Outstanding accomplishments of both teams and individual athletes are proudly acknowledged.

Awards Gala

Cruisers Christmas Party

Held annually in December on a Friday night, The Christmas party is open to members and their families, and allows all to get together, and enjoy a traditional dinner together.

Christmas Party