August 2020

August 20, 2020: Your August update!!

Good evening Cruisers,

We hope this message finds you well and getting accustomed to our new COVID world.  This month our efforts are directed in two places -Return to Sport and our Golf Tournament.  In particular we need everyone’s help to make the Golf Tournament a success as it will have a huge impact on the funds for our organization for 2020 and beyond.

Recruiting All Golfers: September 18th

As with most organizations, COVID-19 has had a large impact on the club's ability to fundraise and access grant programs. This year's Annual Cruisers Golf Tournament fundraiser is more important than ever for us to be able to raise funds in order to cover costs for the upcoming season as we return to sport under the new guidelines and the additional expenses that will come with this. Many athletes/members think they can't support the event because they don't golf but there are many ways you can help with this fundraising event:

  • Golfing in the tournament (individually or recruiting a 4 some)
  • Donating or requesting items from local businesses for our silent auction - this year's silent auction will be online so we will need pictures of the items by Sept 4th with items dropped off before Sept 18th
  • Donating or requesting items for the player packs - can be coupons, snacks, bottled water, etc. We will be providing mini hand sanitizers in each pack so if anyone has a connection with a distributor willing to provide for free or at cost, please let Ken know!
  • Sharing the golf tournament information on their social media pages, with their employers/parent's employers, etc. and encouraging people to golf if they are interested 

Golf has become one of the few sports that the general public has been participating in so you will be surprised how many people would be interested in supporting a charity while golfing during these times. The $150 registration fee includes the round of golf, lunch, and a donation to the club (which participants will receive a tax receipt for). Information on the golf tournament itself, including what COVID-19 measures the club/golf course have in place and how to register, can be found here:

Thank you in advance for helping us promote this fundraiser and if you have any questions on the golf tournament, please contact Ken at

Social Media Coordinator needed

Cruisers Sports is looking for 1-3 volunteers that can help support our social media efforts.  A lot has been done in recent years to establish a digital presence for our organization and we would like to share this project with some members from our community.  If you are interested please send a note to and let us know why you are interested and what skills you have.

Return to Sport

Efforts to get all of us back on the court, ice, track and gym continue to be front and centre for our Sport Directors.  Para Athletics has been the first sport back in action at the competitive levels with many protocols in place.  All other sports continue to work with their respective Provincial Sporting Organization (PSO), Public Health Officials and the local facilities that support our sports.  As soon as there is more concrete information to share it will be coming to you via email from either your coach or the club.  All of the latest information can also be found on the Cruisers website at:

2020-21 Cruisers Registration

We would like to apologize again for any confusion that the auto renewal registration email that was sent out this week may have caused.  We continue to seek direction from Public Health and each of the sport’s governing bodies regarding Return to Play.  Policy and protocols must be included in the registration process which is the cause for delay.  Once we are clear to open up registration, we will be sure to update you all via email and social media avenues. Thanks for your patience.

Virtual Athletic Awards Banquet

Thanks to everyone (approx. 70 people) for attending our virtual Athletic Awards Banquet on July 25th.  Although the event was very different than anything that we have done in the past, it was so great to see so many people from the community show up and celebrate each other’s achievement. For an overview of the 2020 award winners please check out this page on our website:

A very special thanks to Tiffany Gaudette-Cina for all of her work in creating the video montage.  Tiffany spent many hours merging videos and music to create an amazing stream that the entire event revolved around.  If you would like to watch the video again, please scroll to the bottom of the banquet page for the full version.  Also, a huge thank you to Paul M’Keown for being our emcee again this year.  Paul brought a personal touch to the event that helped it flow and his costume changes kept the audience on their toes.

Virtual Beacham Summer Fun Day  

On August 8th, Beacham Summer Fun Day was another opportunity for the Cruisers community to come together and this year it was also virtual. As always, it was a big hit for the 20 participants. There were crafts, music, stories, games and a great loot bag as well!  Thanks again to Tiffany Gaudette-Cina for hosting a wonderful event for the group and in memory of Linda Beacham.

Cruisers Sports Apparel Orders

The Wheelchair Basketball tees and hoodies arrived!  Many members have already received their merchandise and arrangements for pick-up are being made with those who have not yet received their order.  Cruisers athletic apparel orders are awaiting production.  Members will be contacted directly once their embroidered jackets and pants are ready for pick-up.  If you have any questions, please contact either Kathy Ludwig or Alisson Hanson

In closing, please help support Cruisers Sports by sharing the information about our Annual Cruisers Golf Tournament as the fundraising dollars from this event will be critical this year.  Also, stay tuned for more information about Return to Sport and Registration in the coming weeks.

Stay safe!

August 18, 2020: IMPORTANT!

Hey Cruisers Family!

Sorry about this morning's renewal email, if you received one.

The Board is in the process of determining what 2020-2021 Cruisers' membership will look like. While I was in the process of setting up Wild Apricot to change renewal dates, the software beat me to the punch, and sent an email, encouraging some levels of membership to renew their profile.


While we are still working out the details at the Board level, we will pass along information as it pertains to each sport group, as renewal is directly linked to return to play protocols, and many other factors at this time.

In the meantime, please stay connected with us on social media, and know we are doing everything we can to reconnect in person, as soon as it's safe to do so.

Stay safe, and Go Cruisers Go!
-- Skotty

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