December 2018

December 16, 2018: Need a volunteer for this Thursday...

Hey Cruisers!

We are looking for a volunteer who may be able to attend a School as part of a Hometown Hockey event to talk about Sledge Hockey, this THURSDAY. It is a mid-day speaking arrangement at a school in the Clarkson area, targeting grade 3-7 students.

If you are able to, or would like more information, please let Chris Gee know.

As you know, Mississauga is hosting Rogers Hometown Hockey on December 22 and 23. My colleague Kyle Passmore and I are working with the Rogers group to facilitate a “School Visit” on Thursday December 20 in support of the event. The visit will be from noon to 2:30 and will feature speakers from the Hockey world as well as community leaders and mentors. We wanted to reach out and see if the Cruisers would like to be a part of the speakers agenda on that day. The audience is Grade 3 to 7 students who would certainly benefit from learning about Cruisers Sports and all they you do to support differently abled athletes in the GTA.

School Day details:
Thursday December 20
St. Christopher Separate School
Grade 3 to 7
Preferred arrival time for guest speakers is 11:50am and the Q/A session will be wrapped up by 1:15pm

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