Return to Sport (COVID-19)

UPDATE - April 15, 2022: the Board of Directors has voted to align our mask and vaccine policies with the respective governing bodies for the sports we participate in.

What does that mean?
If you ARE required by your governing body (ie. OCPSA, ONPara, etc.) to show proof of vaccination to participate in sport, any Cruisers-run event (practice, tournament, etc.) will follow the same conditions. The same applies to masking.

For example:
If you do not have to show proof of vaccine, but are required to wear a mask while not competing, the same will apply at our events. This applies to both participants and spectators.

For any multi-discipline Cruisers-run sporting or social event, the strictest policy will apply. Please note: at the time of writing, this means proof of vaccine will be required, and if not otherwise stated, masking would be subject to the facility hosting.

As public health agencies continue to ecommend being fully vaccinated, so does the Board of Directors. If you have any questions about how this applies to a specific event, contact your coach or sport director. Information on event policies will be included with tech packages or registration info for Cruisers-run events.

Cruisers Sports is fully committed to the health and safety of its members as we work towards returning to sport. Due to the nature of their disability, some athletes will be considered higher risk for a more severe course of COVID-19. Athletes that have concurrent conditions should consider consulting their primary care physician prior to returning to training environments and follow any medical guidance they have been given about ensuring their health and welfare.

It is important to remember that while mitigation measures outlined throughout this document can reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections, they cannot completely eliminate the risk. It is the responsibility of each athlete/parent to undertake their own personal risk assessment and determine whether they are willing to return to sport and adhere to the guidelines set out in the Return to Sport documents.

Cruisers Sports COVID-19 message (November 2020)

2020-21 Registration information message (October 2020)

Cruisers Sports COVID-19 message (March 2020)

Cruisers Sports Return to Sport Waivers

These waivers will need to be signed before you attend your first practice. Please print and sign (have your parents sign, if applicable). Otherwise, we will have copies available.

Para Athletics Return to Training Guidelines

Para Ice Hockey Return to Training Guidelines

Wheelchair Basketball Return to Training Guidelines

Provincial/Additional Resources