Cruisers Sports is committed to a safe, healthy, and harassment-free environment in every aspect of programming that our club provides. Whether the unwanted conduct is from a fellow athlete, a coach, a Board member, or an outside party, Cruisers Sports take the incident very seriously, and endeavours to provide you with options to assist you in bringing the issue to our attention.

Whether you report an issue to a coach or any Board member, you will not have any repercussions as a result, and the report will remain confidential, and will be investigated as quickly as practicable, while protecting your identity as much as possible.

In 2021, Cruisers Sports is examining our reporting policies to make them as transparent as possible, and to allow for an external (third party) to investigate and assist in bringing the issue to our attention.


Current Incident Reporting Procedure || Canadian Sport Helpline

Current Incident Reporting Procedure

Information on our current policies and procedures relating to discrimination and harrassment, can be found in Section 6 – Behaviour Codes. The full Policies & Procedures can be downloaded by clicking on the .pdf link.

POLICY: Reporting Incidents

It is the responsibility of all Cruisers Sports members to monitor, adhere to, and report breaches of the Cruisers Sports’ Policies.


Members who have observed a breach of policy should deal with the incident in the following manner.

  • If, in the judgment of the observer, the incident is minor, the observer may speak directly to the person involved, informing them of the inappropriate behavior. This action is appropriate if it is felt that the person involved did not realize that they had committed a breach of policy.
  • If the incident escalates from that point, the observer should report it to a coach or Board member.
  • It is important that a complete and accurate record be made in writing of the incident. The incident must be documented on the Cruisers Sports Incident Report Form and turned into a member of the Board within fourteen (14) days of the incident occurring.
  • It is the responsibility of Cruisers Sports members to participate in any investigation.
  • Members that have created incidents that result in a breach of policy will be dealt with in accordance with our disciplinary procedures.
The Incident Reporting Form is also available by clicking on the .pdf logo.

Policies & Procedures

Click the .pdf logo to download the Policies and Procedures Manual

Incident Reporting Form

Click the .pdf logo to download the Incident Reporting Form

Canadian Sport Helpline

In March 2019, the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada launched the Canadian Sport Helpline in order to offer support to victims and witnesses of harassment, abuse and discrimination. This anonymous, confidential and independent service allows them to share and validate their concerns, obtain advice on the process to follow and be directed toward the appropriate resources to ensure a follow-up.


The service is aimed at all members of the Canadian sport community, whether they are involved at the local, provincial, or national level.


Thanks to financial support from the Government of Canada, the Canadian Sport Helpline is a service that is free and accessible to all in both official languages.

Offered in partnership by the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC) and the Canadian Centre for Mental Health in Sport (CCMHS), this anonymous, confidential, independent service allows people to share and validate their concerns, obtain guidance on required next steps, and get referrals to other resources for follow up.

A CCMHS team of practitioners with expertise in counselling, psychology, and sport act as helpline operators.

Access the helpline toll free from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Eastern Time), seven days a week by telephone, text, live chat or email in both official languages.

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