May 2020

May 21, 2020: Your May update!!

Hey Cruisers Family!

We hope this month’s update finds you safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. With Spring upon us and the re-opening plans starting to occur in Ontario, we anticipate our members will be able to get outside and enjoy activities that were previously put on hold.

Covid-19 and Return to Play Update
We can imagine that many of you are very eager to return to playing sports and seeing your teammates again in person. Our club has been closely monitoring the information that is being discussed by the public health authorities, municipalities, and the provincial/national sport organizations regarding return to sport plans. To date, Cruisers Board members have attended meetings with the City Council of Mississauga and Brampton where we have advocated the needs of our organization and members to the council, particularly around their facility re-opening plans. Each Director of Sport has been actively engaged in the conversation around the return to play protocols being developed by the national and provincial sport governing bodies in each of our respective sports.
At the present time, return to play protocols are being developed by our national and provincial sport organizations. Once these protocols have been published, Cruisers Sports will develop our own return to play protocols that align with the recommendations of the public health authorities and our governing sport bodies. As you can appreciate, this will take some time to develop and implement as the health and safety of our members and community remains our top priority. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the return to play plans for our club, please do not hesitate to contact the board. We recommend you connect with the Director of your Sport given they will have the most up to date information regarding the plans for your particular sport.

Merchandise Orders
Due to COVID-19, our apparel supplier has temporarily closed and will reopen when appropriate. The Cruisers Sports online store will remain open so you can browse or place an order. Cruisers Sports will email the membership once we learn when our organization will be able to place a bulk order. Please know that we are actively monitoring online orders and responding to member emails during this temporary interruption. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Wellness Initiative
Over the past month we have increased our social media presence and found ways to connect with many of you in the community and hope to continue to offer virtual opportunities while they are needed. We have noticed that the posts you find most interesting are the ones that are “people or club member” oriented. We are putting out a call to all members to please send in your videos and photos or please consider hosting events like Instagram Takeovers and Facebook Live events. We will also continue to host the Saturday Social events with a different theme/focus each week. We will let you know about these events both via social media and via a weekly email to ensure that as many people have the opportunity to join in.
If there is something that you would like to see, please email and we will do our best to make it happen.

Cruisers Strategy Session
Before Covid-19, the Board had booked a special one day “off-site” meeting in April to discuss our strategy and align our goals and activities for the coming 3 years. Unfortunately, like everything else we had to cancel this event, however we are finding a way to break down the work for the strategy and add these onto our monthly Board meetings. Our hope is to speed up this process once we are all able to meet in person again. More on this in the coming months.

Success Stories
This month we want to celebrate you! It has been amazing to see the variety of members of the club that have come together for various virtual calls and activities and we want to say that we appreciate all of you. Please check out our social media handles below to see some of the fun.

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