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Coaches (and other team staff):

This is a brief letter of introduction to Gamesheet Inc., their products and how their systems will be used for this tournament.


This is the iPad based scoresheet that replaces the traditional paper scoresheet. No more labels or writing in names! Your teams are preloaded! All you need to do is sign your name and adjust any players (numbers or AP’s or suspensions etc).


You will have instant access to your completed gamesheets on-line, through your phone or computer.

  • If you are a first time user, you can access your completed scoresheets by going to: and creating a "new account"

  • - OR -

  • If your team is already using Gamesheet Inc you can simply add your new invite code to your existing account and have all of your games in one spot. This is done in your "profile" . Login to your existing account click on your name in the top right corner... then "Accept Invitation". Add in the new invite code.

All your games will be there for you to view. You can share your invite with as many, or as few people as you wish. (Whoever you would normally share gamesheets with).

Team Invite Code:

Was provided to you at check in. Please see the office, and they can give you your code again.

Modifying your Roster:

No changes are permitted.

If you have any issues with Gamesheet Inc.'s software, please let Skotty know!

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