Strategic Plan

Cruisers Sports' Board of Directors has established a strategic plan help our Club become a better organiaztion for all those who rely on, and encounter us. A review of the strategic plan are conducted every few years, to help ensure we are meeting our objectives.

Our Strategic Plan

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life for individuals with physical disabilities through sport and recreational activities.

Our Vision

  • To be a leader in developing and expanding the sports we are involved in.
  • To be able to grow without financial restriction.
  • To be able to accommodate athletes with physical disabilities who want to join our club’s offered programs.

Our Goals

  • To support all levels of skill and participation.
  • To increase visibility and community awareness of our club and its programs.
  • To increase and improve our levels of communication within the club.
  • To continue to support and grow our tournaments, meets, and competitions.
  • To offer life enhancing skill development opportunities.
  • To increase our revenues and fundraising.

How We Plan On Achieving Our Goals

To Support All Levels of Skill and Participation

  • Coaches are to be accredited for their sport through their governing body and continue to engage in professional development.
  • Cruisers Sports will attempt to recruit new coaches for the various skill levels to encompass all athletes.
  • Cruisers Sports will ensure that all athletes who have acquired the skills required will be made aware of all opportunities within their sport.

To Increase Visibility and Community Awareness of Our Club and Its Programs

  • Cruisers Sports will attempt to partner with other organizations to promote the club ie. School boards, rehab centres, parks & recreational departments, etc.
  • Cruisers Sports will attempt to support individuals and members to be ambassadors within the club and educate the public by putting together a simple powerpoint presentation, up-dating Cruisers brochures, creating educational posters, etc.
  • Cruisers Sports will designate a media representative to send out any Cruiser information to the papers and be a contact for the media if they should wish to contact the club.
  • Participate in demonstrations, resource fairs, recruitment fairs.

To Increase and Improve Our Levels of Communication within the Club

  • Cruisers Sports will have a monthly newsflash with specific sections for updates from the various coaches as well as keeping the members aware of any news or up-coming events.
  • Cruisers Sports will keep our on-line presence up-to-date through frequent additions to the actual Cruisers site as well as the addition of a monitored Facebook site.
  • The director of each sport, at the beginning of the season, will outline commitments, responsibilities and expectations of the athlete and have a tentative calendar of events and possible expenditures for the season. Each letter shall be copied to the President.
  • To increase member participation in the decision making process.

To Continue to Support and Grow Our Tournaments, Meets and Competitions

  • Appoint a media representative who will be responsible for communicating with city officials, PSOs.
  • Network with key teams, clubs, athletes and organizations to promote our events.
  • Follow up with teams and athletes for feedback and areas of improvement.

To Offer Life Enhancing Skill Development Opportunities

  • Host workshops to provide job opportunities (resume writing, job skills, computer skills, interview help, networking, career development), independent living (budget, menus, shopping, transit, mobility, housing, cooking), public speaking.

To Increase Our Revenues and Fundraising

  • Create a data base of our current sponsors and donors to allow us to approach them each year.
  • Target our key sponsors only for the specific events they have sponsored. Do not ask them to sponsor other events.
  • Have members foster and maintain connections with our sponsors. Sponsors are connected with the individual and not the club.
  • Continue to apply for grants; target local service clubs and businesses on an annual basis.
  • Continue to expand our current fundraising events.
  • Coordinate and improve fundraising efforts at our meets and tournaments.
  • Increase the scope and breadth of member participation in club fundraising events.

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