2021 AGM

(Annual General Meeting)

The Cruisers Sports 2021 AGM and Elections will be held on:

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10th, 2021 AT 7:00 pm DIGITALLY via Google Meet

Join online: meet.google.com/yit-mwhd-ptq

Who are we voting for?


Notice and Descriptions



Join online: meet.google.com/yit-mwhd-ptq

The AGM is your opportunity to hear what the Board of Directors has been doing on your behalf. It is your opportunity to ask questions and to provide ideas and feedback. It is also your opportunity to vote for individuals you think will do the best job for you and for the club.

There are no proposed changes to the By-Laws for 2021.


This year, some Director positions are up for one-year elections to fill their normal terms. This is a great introduction to the Board. These positions are (descriptions are below):

The following Directors are up for their normal election of two-year terms (descriptions are below):

Meet the Nominees:

Josh Watson

My name is Joshua Watson and I have been nominated for the role of Vice President of our club. Here is a little bit about me that you may not already know:

  • I have been a member of Cruisers Sports since at least 2005.
  • I have competed as a member of the para ice hockey and athletics programs.
  • I have been a member of Cruisers Sports Board of Directors as your Athletes Rep in the past. As the athlete’s rep I made an effort to visit and learn about each program offered by the Cruisers at that time.
  • I have worked in various roles within corporate Canada from 1999 – 2015 consistently where I often had to work with people of differing opinions to gain a consensus and move toward a common goal. I have experience with committees, sub committees and working groups through those roles.
  • I have been self employed since 2015 and know how budgets, marketing, sales and social media work.
  • I am a former Easter Seals Society and We Care ambassador and still have a good relationship with them.

I am running because I feel that it is important for athletes to take an interest in the way their club is managed. The more athlete voices are heard, the better the club will be for our athletes.

Stephanie Visentin

My name is Stephanie Visentin and I am running for the position of Vice President. Our family has been involved for a number of years with the club. Both of my children play Para ice hockey for the club. My husband Mike is the head coach of the Junior team. I am also the manager of that team.

I was first elected to the Board in 2018 in the position of Secretary. In 2019 I ran for and was successful in being voted into the position of Director of Fundraising, where I fostered relationships with JumpStart, the CPC, the City of Mississauga, the City of Brampton and others. I have written many grants which the club has benefitted from, with others still outstanding. If elected to the position, I will continue to work with the new Director of Fundraising, teaching them the art of writing grants, as well as helping them explore new revenue streams for the club. I will also continue with my connections to some of our current sponsors that regularly donate to the Gala, the Golf Tournament as well as the Cruiser Cup.

I believe that I can bring a lot to the position, and am excited at the opportunities it will bring me.

Thank you for considering my nomination.

Stephanie Visentin

Registering to Vote, or Voting Proxy

Because we will not be able to host the AGM in person, you will need to register to vote, or register your proxy on your behalf. **THIS INCLUDES CRUISERS MEMBERS UNDER 16 YEARS OF AGE, TRANSFERRING THEIR VOTE TO THEIR PARENT/GUARDIAN**
Please take a moment and register to vote: https://cruiserssports.wildapricot.org/event-4126011.
To help protect the integrity of the voting process, you must register to vote BEFORE 11:59pm on MARCH 8th, 2021.

If you cannot attend the AGM on March 10th, 2021, you can still vote via Proxy. If you would like to vote by Proxy, please fill out the above form and select the Proxy voting option. The form link is available on the AGM webpage. You may be a proxy for up to TWO members.

This is your club and you should voice your comments and concerns about it. The direction of the club can be done through your opinion and feedback. We look forward to seeing you there.

2021 AGM - Duties of the Directors
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2021 AGM - Notice
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