2019 AGM

(Annual General Meeting)

The Cruisers Sports 2019 AGM and Elections will be held on:


What are we voting on?





5010 Glen Erin Dr,
Mississauga, ON
L5M 6J3

We will be upstairs in the Community Room.

Survey Results!

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2019 AGM Survey Results

2019 AGM Survey Results

The AGM is your opportunity to hear what the Board of Directors has been doing on your behalf. It is your opportunity to ask questions and to provide ideas and feedback. It is also your opportunity to vote for individuals you think will do the best job for you and for the club.

An overview of proposed changes to the By-Laws are below. Full changes are shown in the 2019 AGM - Handout, also below.

Last but not least, elections!

This year, the following Directors are up for election of two-year terms (descriptions are below): 

If you would like to nominate someone for one of these roles please email Chris Gee with the Nomination form (attached). You do not need to seek the person’s approval for nomination as we will contact them upon your nomination. Nominations will be accepted by ‘Voting Members’ of the Cruisers. ‘Voting Members’ are defined as a member in good standing who has paid all registration fees in full as required. Coaches and Board members are also Voting Members. Voting members under the age of sixteen (16) years must appoint their voting privilege to their respective parent, guardian or recognized authority. A Non-voting member is described as parents, guardians, family members, and friends of individuals with physical disabilities along with other members of the community at large interested in the Cruisers. A non-voting member must be nominated by a voting member in good standing for a position on the Board of Directors.

All nominations must be given to Chris Gee (president@cruisers-sports.com) by February 20th, 2019 at 11:59pm.

Nominees will be contacted, and all nominees and their respective positions will be announced February 27th, 2019. Nominees can only run for one position per election.

If you cannot attend the AGM on March 6th, 2019, you can still vote via Proxy. If you would like to vote by Proxy please fill out the 2019 AGM - Proxy Voting form (below) and ensure it is received prior to the start of the AGM.

This is your club and you should voice your comments and concerns about it. The direction of the club can be done through your opinion and feedback. We look forward to seeing you there.


THESE ITEMS WILL BE VOTED ON AT THE AGM, ALONG WITH AN OPPORTUNITY TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. Examples are shown in 2019 AGM - Handout (below), and viewable at the AGM.

  1. Change the title of Director of Sledge Hockey to Director of Para Ice Hockey and change the title of Director of Track & Field to Director of Para Athletics.
  2. Move Boccia program responsibility from Director of Track & Field (Director of Para Athletics) to Director of Multi-Sport.
  3. Define Quorum as a specific number - 15 voting members, plus a minimum 6 members of the Board of Directors. Currently quorum is set at 25% of members.
  4. Change notice period for the AGM to 21 days. Any other Special Meeting/General Meeting will still only require 10 days notice.
  5. Create a new section - Conflict of Interest declaration for members of the Board of Directors.
  6. General Housekeeping/language changes.


Vice President (1 year term): Kelly Calovini, Celine de Regt

Votes will be held for the election above, as well as the By-laws above.
If you cannot attend, don't waste your vote! Fill out a proxy form (below), and appoint your proxy. As per section 9 of the By-laws, the form must be filled out and handed in by your proxy at the start of the meeting. An individual may only be a proxy for 2 members.
Members under 16 years cannot vote, but a parent/guardian may vote on their behalf.

2019 AGM - Duties of the Directors

2019 AGM - Proxy Vote form

2019 AGM - Handout

2019 AGM Survey Results

2018 minutes (unapproved)