The Cruisers Sports calendar shows upcoming events, meetings and athletic schedules, colour-coded by sport.
Please note that dates, times and locations of scheduled events are subject to change.

If your practice or games are missing, please ask your coach or director to update the calendar.

Subscribe to the Calendars -- keep your calendar up-to-date.

Smartphone tip! If you are using a smartphone and would prefer the monthly calendar view instead of the agenda view, try turning your phone to landscape instead of portrait.

Use the drop-down arrow to select a specific calendar.

Subscribe to the Calendars

Click the buttons below to subscribe to specific calendars. Supports mobile devices, Outlook, and more.
Great for adding to your phone so you never miss a practice or event! Events will automatically be added, and may take 12-24 hours to appear on your device.

As of May 2019, we have removed past events from our calendars, so they are much smaller .ics files and should load and update easier.

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