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April 2019: Americo Morais

With a shake of his head and an energetic ONE TWO THREE CRUISERS!!!! being his trademark cheer, I want to apologize for the oversight and recognize the contributions to the club by a valuable and committed individual.

Americo Morais, Cruisers member for over 15 years, All Blacks Captain, Vice President for 9 years, volunteer coach for the juniors and sledge development program, Cruisers Cup master scheduler are just a few of the ways Americo has made an impact on the club and its athletes. Americo joined the club 15 years ago with a passion for sledge hockey, yes I know, Para Ice Hockey. He has participated in other sports, including wheelchair basketball throughout the years but was always drawn back to hockey. Americo is an avid motorcycle rider and the current manager of Sledge Team Ontario.

You will always find a smile on Americo as he played, coached and volunteered during his time with the Cruisers. Thank you Americo for your time and support of the Cruisers and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours.