2020 Virtual Cruisers Cup

Are you the fastest skater in the world? Are you the most accurate shot? Would you like to find out where you rank in the world? Cruisers Sports is offering you such a chance!
With all the travel restrictions around the world and the cancelling of events, (including the 2020 Cruisers Cup), we thought why not offer a virtual Cup -- actually, a Cruisers Cup All Star competition.


- Director of Para Ice Hockey -


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How It Works

Below are listed a series of skill challenges a player can enter. Entry is free to everyone, WORLDWIDE! Players will be ranked by age group (listed below). Players can enter as many events as they like. All entries must be videotaped and submitted so we can verify the results. Teams can enter as many players as they want.

Now here’s the fun part. All the winning performances will be compiled and put on YouTube for everyone to see. We will post a list of all the performances so players could see where they ranked in the world. To top it all off, each team that enters performances will receive 10% off their 2021 Cruisers Cup entry. Next year’s event is planned for Nov. 5-7, 2021 in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Entry opens November 1, 2020 and closes at 23:59 (EST) on December 20, 2020. Each entry must be submitted in its own video (one result per video file) using the free WeTransfer file transfer service, and have a Digital Submission sheet filled out for the video. The Digital Submission sheet will list the athlete name, contest number, gender, and entry group they are being entered into, along with the file name (so we can associate the file with the athlete). Rankings will be posted on the 2020 Cruisers Cup results page and updated as results are submitted. Winners will receive an electronic certificate that they can print off and display.

Please send all submissions (both the Digital Submission form and video via WeTransfer) to 2020cruiserscup@cruisers-sports.com.

Digital Submission Form

There is no limit to submissions a team/club can make. Please make sure every video has its filename indicated on a Digital Submission form, so we know what we're looking for.

Please submit files using WeTransfer to 2020cruiserscup@cruisers-sports.com.
This form can be filled digitally, or printed and scanned. Please e-mail it to 2020cruiserscup@cruisers-sports.com.

Please click on the image below to access the form.

Entry Groups

Please include the group number on your Digital Submission form!

  1. 6-8 years
  2. 9-12 years
  3. 13-15 years
  4. 16+ years
  5. Elite (anyone who has been on Provincial, State, or National team rosters)


Please include the contest number on your Digital Submission form!

Skating (speed):

Please record the result as time.

  1. Goal line to first blue line (entry group 1)
  2. Goal line to center red line (all entry groups)
  3. Goal line to goal line (entry groups 2-5)
  4. One full lap starting at center line (entry groups 2-5)

Shooting (accuracy):

For events A1-A3, please the record result as distance using cm or in/ft.
For event A4, please record the result as the number of pucks in the net (0-10), and time (as a tiebreaker).

  1. Goal line to blue line (entry group 1)
  2. Goal line to center face off dot (all entry groups)
  3. Goal line to goal line (entry groups 2-5)
  4. Shoot 10 pucks from center dot into net (entry groups 2-5)


  1. Entry groups will be split into male and female results.
  2. All results must be filmed, and have a Digital Submission sheet submitted.
  3. Video must show complete shot or skate, and have result (as requested above) announced on it.
  4. Video must be shot from the finish line.
  5. Coaches should verify the performances.
  6. Distance measurements can be presented in centimetres or inches/feet (ie 35.6cm or 1’2”).
  7. Time results should be presented using minutes, seconds, and milliseconds -- mm:ss.ms (ie 00:38.73).
  8. For shooting events A1-A3, pucks cannot touch or cross the finish line or dot.
  9. For shooting events A1-A3, pucks must start on the goal line.
  10. For shooting event A4, pucks must start in the center dot and must remain in the net to count.
  11. In all skating events (S1-S4), players must start from a stationary position, with their full sledge behind the starting line.
  12. In all skating events (S1-S4), the rink must be a minimum of 185’ or 56.4m in length.
  13. For skating event S4, a full lap is outside the four defensive zone faceoff dots, and behind the net.
  14. All players must be in full equipment.

Please see the Tech Package for most recent updates.

Tech Package

Please click on the pdf to download the full Tech Package.

Last updated: October 28, 2020

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