Novel Coronavirus

March 13, 2020



Cruisers Sports will be implementing a number of proactive preventative measures to keep our athletes, volunteers and families safe.

The health and safety of our athletes, volunteers and families is our number one priority. Presently, the current risk of COVID-19 in Canada is considered low by the Public Health Agency of Canada. We will continue to monitor the situation and take the necessary steps needed in consultation with Ontario Health, the various provincial / national sports organizations and other stakeholders to keep our members safe and prevent the spread of the virus.

Cruisers Sports will follow program suspension recommendations that align with government health recommendations and the National Sport Body governing each activity. In relation to each of our programs, the current recommendations are as follows:

Cruisers Sports recommends all members, in order to protect themselves and others, follow these measures:

Additional information on COVID-19 can be found at:

Cruisers Sports will continue to monitor the situation and will provide additional updates as required.  If you have any questions please reach out to your Director of Sport or Paul Christou at  Thank you for your continued support.


Cruisers Sports Board of Directors